Adipurush Movie Review: A Disappointing Version of the Ramayana Story

Adipurush Movie Review: A Disappointing Version of the Ramayana Story

This review discusses the movie “Adipurush,” which was highly anticipated for its retelling of the epic Ramayana. However, the film disappoints in various aspects, including its story, visual effects, and performances. Let’s explore why this adaptation falls short of expectations.

Confusing Storytelling and Weak Script

The movie’s screenplay, written by Om Raut, fails to capture the essence of the Ramayana. The story feels chaotic and lacks coherence, which can confuse the audience. It deviates from the original narrative, which may disappoint those who hold the Ramayana dear.

Poor Visual Effects and Cinematography

Despite a large budget, the visual effects in “Adipurush” are not up to par. The CGI looks subpar and may not meet viewers’ expectations. The action sequences, shot against green screens, appear poorly executed. The overall visual quality is below what one would hope for in a film of this scale.

Mixed Performances from the Cast

Prabhas, who plays Lord Rama, puts in some effort, but his portrayal feels tired and out of place. Saif Ali Khan’s character, Ravana, is poorly written, focusing solely on his villainous side. Sunny Singh and Kriti Sanon struggle to make an impact in their roles due to limited chemistry and depth.

Flawed Direction and Music as a Highlight

Director Om Raut, known for the successful film “Tanhaji,” disappoints in “Adipurush.” The movie lacks proper research and a clear vision, resulting in a flawed execution. However, the music composed by Ajay & Atul stands out as a positive aspect, with impactful songs and a captivating background score.

Adipurush Movie Review: The Final Thought

Adipurush” fails to deliver a satisfying retelling of the beloved Ramayana story. Its weak script, disappointing visual effects, and mixed performances contribute to the overall disappointment. Despite these flaws, the music remains a highlight. However, exploring alternative adaptations can provide a more satisfying experience for those seeking a faithful portrayal of this legendary tale.