Haunted Mansion (2023): Everything you need to know

Haunted Mansion (2023): Everything you need to know

The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland has been entertaining park-goers since its debut in 1969. Its spooky atmosphere and chilling soundtrack have captured the imaginations of millions of visitors, making it one of the most beloved attractions in Disney parks. It’s no surprise that a film adaptation was attempted, but the journey to bring the Haunted Mansion to the big screen has been a long and winding road.

Guillermo del Toro’s Vision

In 2010, it was announced that a reboot adaptation based on the Haunted Mansion attraction was in development for Walt Disney Pictures. Guillermo del Toro, known for his horror and fantasy films, was set to write and produce the movie. He promised that the film would be scary and fun, but in a heightened reality, not a real-world setting. The Hatbox Ghost would be one of the main characters and the script was intended to receive a PG-13 rating.

Development Delays

The project remained in development until 2015 when Ryan Gosling was rumored to be in early negotiations to star. D.V. DeVincentis was hired to rewrite the script and Brigham Taylor was brought on as a producer. However, the project hit another snag when del Toro announced he was no longer the project’s director in 2013. He remained as co-writer and executive producer, but the movie’s future was uncertain.

A New Screenplay

In 2020, it was announced that Katie Dippold would write a new screenplay for the movie. It was decided that del Toro’s script was too scary for family audiences and Dippold was tasked with creating a more family-friendly version of the movie. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich were brought on as producers and the project became a joint-venture production between Walt Disney Pictures and Rideback.
Haunted Mansion (2023): Everything you need to know
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Justin Simien Takes the Helm

In April 2021, Justin Simien entered negotiations to direct the movie and he was officially confirmed as director by July of the same year. The project finally seemed to be gaining momentum after years of development delays. By October 2021, a  cast had been announced, including Tiffany Haddish, Lakeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, Rosario Dawson and Danny DeVito.

Filming of The Haunted Mansion Reboot: Behind the Scenes

The Haunted Mansion reboot has been a long time coming, with multiple writers, producers and directors attached to the project over the years. But after much anticipation, filming for the movie finally began in October 2021.

Location, Location, Location

Principal photography for The Haunted Mansion took place in two different cities: New Orleans, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia. Both locations are known for their rich history and gothic architecture, making them the perfect backdrop for a movie about a haunted mansion.

The filming process lasted from mid-October 2021 to late February 2022, giving the cast and crew plenty of time to bring Guillermo del Toro’s vision to life.

Star-Studded Cast

The cast of The Haunted Mansion reboot is a star-studded lineup, featuring Tiffany Haddish, Lakeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, Rosario Dawson and Danny DeVito. Each actor brings their own unique talent and charisma to the film, adding to the overall atmosphere of spooky fun.

Unfortunately, not all news regarding the cast was positive during filming. On January 14, 2022, Tiffany Haddish was arrested on a DUI charge in Georgia. It remains unclear how this incident affected filming, but it certainly created a media buzz around the movie.

Challenges and Triumphs

Filming a movie is never an easy task and The Haunted Mansion reboot was no exception. From technical difficulties to weather delays, the cast and crew had to navigate various challenges throughout the filming process.

Despite these obstacles, the team behind the movie remained committed to delivering a high-quality product. With a talented cast, experienced crew and the backing of Disney, the reboot has all the makings of a successful film.

Anticipating the Release

The Haunted Mansion reboot is set for release on July 28, 2023 and fans are eagerly anticipating this new take on the classic Disney attraction. The journey to bring the Haunted Mansion to the big screen has been a testament to the determination and tenacity of the filmmakers involved. While the project has faced numerous delays and setbacks, the cast and crew seem to be enthusiastic about the film’s future and fans are excited to see the final product.

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