Is Burning Body the Next True-Crime Obsession? Find Out!

Is Burning Body the Next True-Crime Obsession? Find Out!

Are you looking forward to the Netflix miniseries, Burning Body, premiering on September 8, 2023? We’ve gathered all the essential information to provide you with a sneak peek into this gripping show, based on a true story.

What is Burning Body based on? 

So, what’s Burning Body all about? Well, it’s a series that takes inspiration from a real-life crime that occurred in 2017, and it promises to be quite the rollercoaster ride.

The story centers on a shocking murder where a police officer’s body is found burnt inside a car. The prime suspects? The victim’s girlfriend and her lover, also happen to be police officers.

A Peek into the Plot

Now, let’s dive into the series itself. Burning Body is labeled as “inspired by true events,” which means it draws from real-life happenings but takes some creative liberties.

The plot revolves around the murder case, and here’s the kicker: it closely mirrors the actual events, including the names of key characters. This means you get a taste of true-crime drama, albeit with a bit of dramatization.

Soap Opera Drama Meets Crime Thriller

One thing you might notice while watching Burning Body is that it occasionally feels like you’re in the middle of a soap opera. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that genre, but it can feel a tad out of place in a crime thriller, especially one based on real events.

One aspect that raises eyebrows is the portrayal of the female suspect. The series seems to focus a lot on her sensuality and her past relationships.

While these elements can be relevant to the story, they sometimes overshadow the presentation of hard facts and evidence. It’s like the show is more interested in character judgments than providing a balanced exploration of the case.

Is Burning Body the Next True-Crime Obsession? Find Out!

Meet the Creators

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the folks behind the scenes. Jorge Torregrossa directs Burning Body, and he maintains a consistent style throughout the series. The writing team, which includes Carlos López, Laura Sarmiento Pallarés (known for “Diablero”), and Eduard Sola, delivers a narrative that echoes the angles pursued by paparazzi during the real-life case.

Should You Binge-Watch Burning Body?

Now, here’s the big question: Is Burning Body a good choice for you? Well, it really depends on what type of TV shows you enjoy and what you feel like watching.

 If you enjoy crime thrillers with a touch of drama and are intrigued by real-life cases, this series might pique your interest. It does a decent job of keeping you hooked with its suspenseful storyline.

However, if you prefer a more straightforward, fact-based approach to true crime, Burning Body might not entirely hit the mark for you. The occasional telenovela-like dramatic moments could distract from the core narrative.

In conclusion, Burning Body is a new series on Netflix that starts today, September 8, 2023. It tells a different kind of true crime story, sometimes becoming overly dramatic.

Not everyone who likes true crime will enjoy it, but it has exciting parts that will keep you wondering. If you like crime shows, you might like it, but it depends on what you personally enjoy.