Is The Tutor a Must-Watch for Fans of Mind-Bending Thrillers?

Is The Tutor a Must-Watch for Fans of Mind-Bending Thrillers?

The Tutor is an intriguing American psychological thriller film written by Ryan King, directed by Jordan Ross, and featuring a talented cast including Garrett Hedlund, Noah Schnapp, and Victoria Justice. With an engaging story and captivating characters, the movie takes viewers on a suspenseful journey into the unsettling obsessions of a troubled student and the secrets of a professional tutor.


The Tutor follows Ethan Campbell (played by Garrett Hedlund), a skilled tutor who accepts a job at a secluded mansion. As Ethan immerses himself in his new role, he soon discovers that his student, Jackson (Noah Schnapp), has disturbing fixations that could unravel Ethan’s carefully guarded identity and expose his darkest truths. The film takes us on a thrilling ride as Ethan fights to maintain control and safeguard his own hidden past.

Cast and Characters

The Tutor showcases a talented ensemble cast. Garrett Hedlund delivers a captivating performance as Ethan Campbell, the tutor with a mysterious background. Noah Schnapp brings depth and intensity to the troubled student, Jackson, adding to the suspense and tension. Victoria Justice shines in her role as Annie, bringing complexity and richness to the story. Other notable cast members include Jonny Weston as Gavin, Ekaterina Baker as Teddi, Michael Aaron Milligan as Josh, Kabby Borders as Jenny, Kamran Shaikh as Charles the Butler, Joseph Castillo-Midyett as Chris Butler, and Exie Booker as Detective Landry.

Reception and Availability

The Tutor premiered in theaters on March 24, 2023, receiving praise for its gripping story and outstanding performances. The film also became available for streaming on Netflix on July 8, 2023, allowing viewers to easily enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes.

Is The Tutor Worth Watching?

For fans of suspenseful thrillers, The Tutor offers an engaging and captivating viewing experience. The movie’s intricate plot, combined with the talented performances of the cast, keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The psychological battle between Ethan and Jackson, as their secrets are unveiled and their lives become intertwined, adds an extra layer of intrigue. If you enjoy suspenseful psychological films that delve into the complexities of characters, The Tutor is definitely a movie worth considering.

Is The Tutor (2023) Available on Netflix?

Yes, The Tutor is available for streaming on Netflix as of July 8, 2023. This means that Netflix subscribers can easily access the film and enjoy its suspenseful storyline from the comfort of their own homes.

What is the Rating of The Tutor (2023)?

The rating of The Tutor (2023) may vary depending on the region and the specific rating board. It is advisable to check the appropriate rating for your area. Generally, films like The Tutor fall into the PG-13 to R range, indicating that they may contain intense scenes, violence, and mature themes suitable for older audiences.

In conclusion, The Tutor (2023) is a captivating thriller that uncovers hidden secrets and keeps viewers engaged throughout. With a talented cast, an intriguing storyline, and thrilling twists, the film provides an enthralling cinematic experience. Whether seen in theaters or on Netflix, this gripping movie is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.