Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: House Made of Bongs

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: House Made of Bongs

In Season 3, Episode 5 of “Reservation Dogs,” known as “House Made of Bongs,” we meet Maximus, who now goes by the name Chebon. This episode offers a glimpse into Okern’s past, focusing on Maximus’ high school days and his interactions with Mabel (Elora’s grandmother), Irene (Cheese’s adoptive grandmother), Brownie (Elora’s uncle), and Bucky (a respected elder and artist).

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5 Recap:  Maximus’ Junior Year Dilemma

The story unfolds at the end of Maximus’ junior year. His parents are absent, and he decides to spend the summer at the boarding school instead of returning home with his friends. He turns down an offer from Bucky to stay with him. Despite having the option to stay with his grandmother, Maximus chooses to avoid his cousin Fixico due to a previous falling out.

Maximus’ friends ask him to obtain acid for a party, and Fixico, who has been studying medicine, is their source. However, Maximus can’t bring himself to talk to Fixico. Everyone assumes their disagreement revolves around Mabel, who had previously been with Fixico and later dated Maximus. However, Maximus insists that this isn’t the root cause of their conflict.

Later, Maximus confides in Mabel, revealing that Fixico had said hurtful things that continue to trouble him. He also points out that Fixico has advantages he lacks, like having parents, but Fixico never acknowledges Maximus’ challenges.

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5 Recap:  Dreams and Frustration

At the end-of-the-year party, Maximus and his friends discuss their dreams for the future. When Maximus shares his dream of making movies, Brownie and Irene mock him. He confronts them, expressing his frustration at their attempts to belittle people with bigger dreams.

Maximus decides to try acid for the first time. As the night unfolds, he has a heated exchange with Fixico when his cousin expresses concern. He calls Fixico a poison man instead of a medicine man.

The friends eventually leave the party, with Maximus driving them home. However, he abruptly stops the car upon sighting a UFO and a Star Person. The Star Person claims to be a relative who wanted to meet him.

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: A Vision Dismissed

When the others realize they’ve stopped, they exit the car, confused. Maximus shares his extraordinary encounter, but Bucky, Irene, and Brownie dismiss it as a result of the drugs’ influence. Mabel tries to console Maximus, but he pushes her away.

“Reservation Dogs” Season 3, Episode 5, takes viewers on a journey through Maximus’ past, exploring his conflicts, dreams, and a peculiar encounter that leaves him isolated in his experiences. Stay tuned for more revelations and adventures in the upcoming episodes of “Reservation Dogs.”

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