Feel the Magic: ‘Srikanth’ Movie Review – Let Your Heart Soar!

Feel the Magic: 'Srikanth' Movie Review - Let Your Heart Soar!

If you’re planning to watch a new movie this weekend, you might want to consider “Srikanth.” It’s a special film about Srikanth Bolla, who started his own company despite being blind. Directed by Tushar Hiranandani and starring Rajkummar Rao, it came out on May 10, 2024. But is it worth watching? Let’s see what our review has to say about it.

Who Is in the Cast of Srikanth?

The movie “Srikanth” is packed with talented actors who bring the true story of Srikanth Bolla to life. In the lead role is Rajkummar Rao, who plays Srikanth Bolla, a successful businessman who is also visually impaired. Jyothika stars alongside him as Devika Malvade, who we can expect to be a crucial source of support and guidance for Srikanth. Alaya F joins the cast as Veera Swathi, whose role is sure to add another layer to Srikanth’s story.
Sharad Kelkar rounds out the main cast members as Ravi Mantha, whose character might be a friend, colleague, or even a rival to Srikanth. As an exciting bonus, Jameel Khan takes on the iconic role of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. We can imagine Dr. Kalam appearing as a source of inspiration or even a guiding force for Srikanth in the film.
Feel the Magic: 'Srikanth' Movie Review - Let Your Heart Soar!
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Review of Srikanth

Srikanth” isn’t your typical Bollywood biopic. It’s a real-life story that’s inspiring without being cheesy. Rajkummar Rao plays Srikanth Bolla, a man who overcame poverty and blindness to become a successful businessman. The movie shows Srikanth’s struggles – from dealing with a society that doesn’t understand him to an education system that shuts him out. But Srikanth is a fighter. He fights for his right to study science and even gets accepted into the prestigious MIT! There’s a great message here about giving equal opportunities to everyone, no matter their abilities.

The movie even shows how a visit from Dr. Kalam inspires Srikanth to chase his dreams. While the beginning might be a bit dramatic, the rest of the movie is well-paced and avoids unnecessary emotional manipulation. The acting is also top-notch. Rajkummar Rao is fantastic, and Jyothika and Sharad Kelkar are brilliant in their supporting roles. Overall, “Srikanth” is a heartwarming movie that will leave you feeling good. It’s a celebration of the human spirit and a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

The Final Verdict on Srikanth

Srikanth” is a breath of fresh air in Bollywood biopics. It’s the remarkable story of Srikanth Bolla, who defied blindness to achieve success. Stellar performances, particularly Rajkummar Rao’s, take you on an emotional rollercoaster – from empathy to elation. The film delivers a powerful message of equal opportunity, reminding us that resilience and grit can conquer any hurdle. Dr. Kalam’s portrayal adds another layer of inspiration.

This movie is a must-watch for fans of inspirational true stories, anyone seeking a feel-good experience with strong performances, and those who appreciate films that celebrate the human spirit. However, viewers expecting typical Bollywood tropes or light entertainment might want to skip it, as the film tackles some emotional themes.