Get Ready to Be Spooked: ‘Talk to Me’ Movie Review

Get Ready to Be Spooked: 'Talk to Me' Movie Review

Get ready to be scared with Talk to Me, an Australian supernatural horror film. It’s directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, who are famous for their YouTube videos. This is their first time making a feature film. The story was written by Danny Philippou and Bill Hinzman, based on an idea by Daley Pearson. 

Talk to Me was released in Australian theaters on July 27, 2023, and internationally on July 28, 2023. People liked the movie and said good things about the story, scary parts, special effects, and acting. Let’s dive into the spooky world of Talk to Me and find out what makes this horror film so special.

Talk to Me: Star-Cast

The star-studded cast of Talk to Me brings life and intensity to this gripping horror film. Sophie Wilde takes on the role of Mia, while Alexandra Jensen portrays Jade, and Joe Bird plays Riley. Otis Dhanji brings depth to the character of Daniel, and Miranda Otto delivers a strong performance as Sue. Zoe Terakes and Chris Alosio shine as Hayley and Joss, adding to the film’s intrigue. The ensemble is completed with Marcus Johnson as Max, Alexandria Steffensen as Rhea, Ari McCarthy as Cole, and Sunny Johnson as Duckett, each contributing to the movie’s captivating storytelling. With such a talented and diverse cast, Talk to Me promises an unforgettable cinematic experience.

What’s Good: Talk to Me tells a clever and chilling story that keeps you hooked. The movie is about a deadly social media craze where people get possessed by using a ceramic-encased severed hand. It’s scary because it feels like it could really happen. The young actors, especially Sophie Wilde as Mia, did a great job with their performances. The scary parts in the movie are well done and don’t rely on loud noises to scare you. The directors, the Philippou brothers, did a good job making it feel real and relatable.

What’s Bad: The second half of the movie focuses too much on the sadness of losing someone, which we have seen in other horror movies before. Some people might want more scary moments, but the movie is more subtle in its scares. The beginning of the movie is really intense, but it doesn’t connect well with the rest of the story.

Star Performance: Sophie Wilde’s performance as Mia is outstanding. She shows a strong emotion to connect with her past and protect her present. This is her first time acting in a scary movie, and she did a great job.

Talk to Me: The Final Verdict

Talk to Me is a gripping and clever horror movie that mixes supernatural things with real-life problems. The concept is unique and the performances are strong. If you like horror movies, you should definitely watch them. It might hold back on some scary moments, but it shows the director’s talent and makes you want more. Talk to Me is an exciting and thought-provoking movie that won’t disappoint you.

We don’t know if there will be more movies like this, but Talk to Me is a powerful and confident debut for the Philippou brothers. They usually make fun videos on YouTube, but they did a good job with this emotional and scary movie.