The Jaw-Dropping Twist in Animal Post Credit Scene!

The Jaw-Dropping Twist in Animal Post Credit Scene!

Animal,” starring Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role, concludes with a thrilling and unexpected climax, blending a range of emotions, violence, and redemption. The impactful final scene leaves a profound impression on the audience, delving into the intricate lives of the characters. Join us as we navigate through the intense confrontations, emotional highlights, and surprising turns that make “Animal,” with Ranbir Kapoor at the helm, a captivating and memorable cinematic journey.

Ranvijay’s Face-Off with Abraar Haque

Ranvijay and his brothers go to Abraar Haque’s house, but they’re too late. Abraar and Aziz are already leaving. Ranvijay threatens Abraar’s pregnant wife to find out what’s going on. Abraar tries to escape on his private plane, but Ranvijay stops him. There’s a big fight, but Ranvijay doesn’t use any weapons. He remembers his dad’s face and goes a bit crazy. In the end, he kills Abraar by slashing his throat. It’s a violent end to a tough fight.

Emotional Farewell

When Ranvijay comes back to Delhi, he finds out that his dad, Balbir Singh, is very sick. Balbir has Leukemia, which is a serious illness. He only has six months to live. Balbir says sorry to Ranvijay for not being a good dad and not paying attention to him. Ranvijay and Balbir talk a lot, and it’s very emotional. Geetanjali, Ranvijay’s wife, decides to leave him and takes their kids away. Ranvijay hugs his son, Abhay, one last time.

The Jaw-Dropping Twist in Animal Post Credit Scene!
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Animal’s Post Credit Scenes: What Happens?

After the film concludes, there’s an extra scene during the credits. Here, Aziz Haque, essentially a duplicate of Ranvijay, commits a heinous act by killing two of Ranvijay’s cousins. Aziz, who works as a butcher, is excited because his girlfriend might be pregnant. However, he’s uncertain whether the baby is his or Ranvijay’s.

The Rollercoaster Ending of Animal

At the end of “Animal,” the story takes a surprising turn with a mix of emotions, violence, and redemption. The climax features an intense face-off between Ranvijay and Abraar Haque. It explores the complexities of the characters’ lives, including Ranvijay’s struggle against Abraar and the heartbreaking news of his father Balbir Singh’s serious illness. The emotional depth is highlighted as family dynamics unravel, resulting in heartfelt goodbyes. After the movie concludes, a post-credits scene adds an unexpected twist involving Aziz Haque. Overall, “Animal” delivers a compelling and impactful cinematic experience.