Where was The Wheel of Time series filmed?

Where was The Wheel of Time series filmed?

If you’ve been enchanted by the magical world of The Wheel of Time, you might be curious about the actual places where they filmed the series. To quench your curiosity, we’ll guide you behind the scenes and disclose the real-world locations used in The Wheel of Time, as reported by sources like giggster.com.

Where was The Wheel of Time series filmed: A World Beyond Imagination

The Wheel of Time series, based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy novels, has taken viewers on an epic adventure filled with magic, mysteries, and memorable characters. From Moiraine’s quest to find the chosen one to the menacing trollocs and the battle between good and evil, the show has it all.

Filming in the Czech Republic

Much of the magic of The Wheel of Time was brought to life in the Czech Republic, particularly in and around Prague. The heart of the production was Jordan Studios, a massive complex constructed by Amazon in Prague, covering a whopping 350,000 square feet. It’s named in honor of the author, Robert Jordan himself.

But to discover some of the most breathtaking Wheel of Time filming locations, you’ll need to venture into the Czech countryside. Here, you’ll find places like an old mill, where our group of travelers spends a night early in their journey. Another gem is the Czech Grand Canyon, which served as the backdrop for the village of Breen’s Spring.

Beyond Czech Borders

The magic of The Wheel of Time extends beyond the Czech Republic. The series has also taken advantage of stunning natural landscapes in neighboring countries.

  • Great Soča Gorge, Slovenia: In the first episode of Season 1, we meet Egwene as she takes a daring plunge into a wild river. This breathtaking scene was filmed in the Great Soča Gorge in Slovenia, known for its turquoise waters and popular for whitewater rafting.

  • Mangart Saddle, Slovenia’s Julian Alps: In season 1, Rand and Egwene share a poignant moment on a mountainside. This awe-inspiring location is Mangart Saddle in Slovenia’s Julian Alps, offering majestic mountain scenery.

  • Pravčická Brána, Czech Republic: In season 1, Moiraine and Lan are accosted by Nynaeve in this stunning location. Pravčická Brána, Europe’s largest natural sandstone arch, provides a dramatic backdrop.

  • Dolský Mlýn, Czech Republic: In episode two of season 1, our travelers are forced to flee an army of trollocs and seek refuge at an old mill. This eerie site is Dolský Mlýn, nestled in Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

  • Northern Velebit National Park, Croatia: In season 1, Mat and Rand’s journey takes them to rocky mountainsides. These scenes were filmed in Croatia’s Northern Velebit National Park, offering craggy mountain landscapes.

  • Velká Amerika, Czech Republic: In season 1, Mat and Rand arrive at the mining village of Breen’s Spring. The setting for Breen’s Spring is Velká Amerika, known as the Czech Grand Canyon, surrounded by forest and natural beauty.

A Fantasy Come to Life

In The Wheel of Time, the real world blends seamlessly with the fantastical. The locations in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia create a captivating backdrop for the epic tale. It’s clear that the creators spared no expense to make this world as vivid and immersive as possible.

We were eagerly waiting for Season Two, and it’s now available on Prime Video! They filmed it in the Canary Islands and Morocco, so we can expect some amazing scenery. Fans are really enjoying Season 2, and The Wheel of Time keeps taking us to incredible places in our minds.