2018 Movie Review: Humanity prevails in the face of disaster

2018 Movie Review: Humanity prevails in the face of disaster

The movie 2018, directed by Jude Anthany Joseph, is remarkable because it shows how people can overcome a terrible disaster. The film takes place during the floods in Kerala in 2018. It tells different stories that show how communities work together to face challenges. The movie has a touching story and actors who give their all, making it a powerful example of how regular people can be strong and caring.

Exceptional filmmaking and symbolism

The way the movie 2018 tells its story is exceptional. It combines different narratives in a skillful way, making a strong connection between the characters and the audience. Water is used as a symbol of chaos and renewal throughout the film, bringing everything together. Director Jude Anthany Joseph takes his time to show the lives and surroundings of the characters, which prepares the audience for the upcoming disaster. Because of this, the movie makes a deep emotional impact and helps us understand the significance of the floods.

2018 is a tale of selflessness and unity

The movie 2018 explores feelings of longing, helplessness, and the search for meaning during a chaotic situation. It also talks about the government’s failures and privileges in society, but the main focus is on the amazing acts of kindness by ordinary people. The story shows how fishermen and people from different backgrounds come together to help each other during a rescue mission. They ignore social differences and support one another. The film emphasizes that people are inherently good and can unite in times of crisis, regardless of their caste, color, race, or gender.

Star performances and relatability

Malayalam movies are known for their relatable characters, and 2018 is no different. Tovino Thomas does a great job playing the main character, Anoop, showing empathy and humility. He shows his versatility as an actor by expressing real human emotions. Lal’s performance as a humble but strong character is praiseworthy, and Asif Ali handles his role well, dealing with its complexities. The film introduces strong female characters, played by Tanvi Ram and Aparna Balamurali, but their potential could have been explored more in the writing.

Direction, music, and cinematography

Jude Anthany Joseph’s direction in 2018 is skillful and smooth, as he handles different aspects of the film with care. The director knows how to handle intense moments without making them overly dramatic, keeping the story grounded. The music in the film, especially the background score, helps tell the story well. Rain is important in the movie, and the clever use of rain sounds makes the audience feel more involved. The cinematography by Akhil George captures the destruction and difficulties in the film with powerful top-angle shots, creating meaningful frames that add depth to the storytelling.

2018 movie final thoughts

2018 is a film that is meaningful and touching. It reminds us to be kind and stick together. The movie shows how people can overcome challenges and stay strong during tough times. Jude Anthany Joseph directs the film well, and the actors give sincere performances that touch the audience’s hearts. The story is captivating and deeply affects viewers. It shows how ordinary people can be selfless and united, sending a strong message about humanity’s victory over chaos. In a time when many movies create divisions, 2018 is a refreshing reminder of the goodness that can emerge during crises.

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